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Kate Peachey’s oils and acrylics stretch the boundaries

of form and color in pursuit of the outer reaches of

imagination. Her love affair with art began in grade

school in a small Ohio town, and led to higher education

at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, and the University of

Cincinnati. Kate then lived and traveled in Europe,

studying as well as teaching. Eventually settling in the

creative haven of Key West, Kate began broadening

her horizons, experimenting with media, and altering

her approach to marketing in an effort to make fine art

accessible to a wider audience. Critical acclaim, and

enthusiasm from fellow artists led her to open a

downtown gallery, which became a hub from which

local artists interacted and distributed their work.

After two years, a dilemma became apparent; run

the business, or have time to create. Choosing the

latter, Kate traveled again for a while, gathering fresh

images in her mind, before returning to Key West to

paint. Kate’s studio at the Southernmost Point in the

Continental US is a surprising oasis of authenticity

amidst the bustle and glitter of a tourist town. Against

this bohemian backdrop, Kate Peachey continues to

expand the parameters of visual art.